Friday, May 19, 2017

Diploma In Advanced Computer Aided Marine Drafting & designing using AutoCAD

AutoCAD Syllabus
(Marine Drafting & designing)

Learning Objectives

1.    Getting Acquainted with AutoCAD
1.1.       “CAD” definition
1.2.       The AutoCAD Environment
1.3.       Introduction to CNC & FEA
1.4.       Auto CAD development
1.5.       Other CAD/CAM Packages
2.    Basic 2D Drawings
2.1.       Display controls
2.2.       Co-coordinating systems
2.3.       Basic drawing commands
2.4.       Editing techniques
3.    Advance 2D Drawings
3.1.       Advance grip
3.2.       Hatching
3.3.       Blocks
3.4.       Properties
3.5.       Text handling
3.6.       Dimensioning
3.7.       Scaling
3.8.       Templates
3.9.       Design center
3.10.     Power tools
Ø    Built in calculations
Ø    Quick select
Ø    Filtering
3.11.     Boat designing
3.12.     Introduction to scripting, auto lisp and express tools

4.    3D modeling
4.1.       Introduction
Ø    Wire frame models
Ø    Surface models
Ø    Solid models
4.2.       Basic approaches
4.3.       View ports viewpoints utilization
4.4.       Use of UCS
4.5.       Shading and Rendering
4.6.       Applying Materials
4.7.       Advance 3D options

5.    Marine Drafting
5.1.      Introduction of Boat Building

Ø    History of Boat Building
Ø    Usage of boat building
Ø    Parts Of the Boat
Ø    Principle dimensions
Ø    Basic calculations
Ø    Explain of the different hull shapes and selecting suitable hull shapes for various                             work requirement

5.2.      Development of Lines Plan

Ø    Explain the base line, transom, keel line, centre line,
Making of station, waterlines and buttocks line etc.
Ø    Introduction of Profile, Plan, and body plan.
Ø    Preparation of offset table.

5.3.      Construction of plug and mold.

5.4.      Preparation of Hull construction drawing.

5.5.      Estimation of LCG, VCG and TCG Position of the hull.

5.6.      Discussion on use of software packages for boat Building.

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